Delta Kickoff

Fall in the delta! Baseball playoffs on the radio, burning $100 of gas running all over hell at 60MPH, diving birds, stripers having their way with the bait and our gear, Debra’s sandwiches,  the evening bite, beers…really great to get out for the first trip of the fall. Brother Randy and D Trebles Esq. on board for a 10:00 am tractor launch at Russos. 10+ MPH winds but we push west on a mission. Pounded Sherman, SJ, Sac, Big Break, big and Little Franks. Didn’t catch shit however of target species. A few rag green carp and one decent one. One piddly ass striper WAY at the end of spoonbill midday. Knew fish would be there on my rockwall but too windy.  Ended the day making one big loop around Franks on a wing and a prayer but all quiet. We threw rattle traps, spooks, punkers, big hammers and the big Persuader popper. Will be POUNDING the circuit for the next 2 months hoping for a better year than 2011.

Green Carp on chartreuse super spook at Circle Your Wagons

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