Curves and wheels

From my early days  playing with Hot Wheels, building Revell model cars and HO scale slot car racing sets I have been chronically obsessed with cars and most notably sports cars.  Here are a few visuals to help you understand my specific obsession.

La Carrera Panamerica Gullwing




Love the coppertone

Not all Fords were boring

Alpha Female

Pasta Powered


Have owned a few bugs. What queer little cars.

Life’s a Beach


Do you HAVE to be an asshole to own a Defender?

Enzo envy. Not all Ferraris have to be red

Noble even in death


Want to own a Ghia some day

Debra’s C4S meets deer meet.

Ceramic Dynamic

One important car missing from this collage

Carerror LOL.

No bondeaux here mang

We share a long nose

foreign galaxy


Lady humps





Have you seen my britches?

Infamous Yellowbird CTR. Likes to get it sideways

Some things money can’t buy





unsettled, unresolved

3 wheels working great


Pollution spewing, fossil fuel gulping, noisy, outright anachronisms in today’s Prius infested world. I am in love.














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