Delta summer in November

I’m sure glad Al Gore invented global warming because Sunday November 4th, 2012 was a great day to be on the water in the mighty California Delta. High 70’s and bluebird skies. Mike, Randy and I launched from Russos at 10:00 AM. Playing tides like poker we decided to probe Mildreds holes first but she was not gravid. Spent some time in Mandy for the same cold shoulder treatment. We mixed it up with Pointers, traps,spooks, Big hammers, poppers, DWB plugs, kitchen sink.  Around noon we picked up and ran to points west. Showed my crew how to get stuck on the sand bar at Eddos. Big Break nada.Sherman a little brown and quiet with little to no current.

No bait, no birds no busters in Big Break

Broad nada except for a no shit for real shanty singing arrrrggg matey pirate ship.

yo ho ho it’s a pirates life for me

We slipped a little further west and started getting hit on blue/chrome rattle trap

Dangerious Trebles $10 fish

I knocked an estimated 12# fish off Mikes rod at boat side with bogus boga deployment.

Bite was steady here and we picked up a handful.

bro show

Topwater started working as well around 5.

bendo resplendo

Super spook schoolie


Just west of broad slough


When the sun hit the ridge we blew back to Franks at 60 MPH (yes that’s fun) in  fading light.

Finally some current movement!

The last hour was slurps, boils and busting bait all on top.

plenty of these


No big fish landed but a couple of very impressive blowups.

Final stop at Circle your Wagons which was all quiet. May have to take a day off this week!




Off the water at 6.


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