New Melones Reckless

Stellman and yours truly left Pleasanton 6:00 AM with Bauxite Betty in tow. Weather putting on a show on the way up.

An Aura

Vista cruiser


Splashed her at Glory Hole 8:15. Ran under the 49er bridge

Man of Stell

all the way to the end of the south fork.


Dead and dying kokanee everywhere with a dozen Ball Diggles (or Bald Eagles if you prefer) vying for easy protein. I nailed a nice Brown on the rainbow needlefish 32 feet on the wire.

Germanic Brown

Rain wind clouds and calm periods on and off all day.


Enjoyed bagel egg breakfast, bloody marys, pork tenderloin sammys, red wine and a few Stellas. Ran back under the 49 bridge around 2 and headed for a special place. We get all the way back in skinny water and see bait busting. The next 45 minutes saw us put 6 nice rainbows in the boat with quite a few lost.





We were hooking bait (3 plus inch shad) on lures. I re-hooked them through the nose and caught several that way.

Bit a live shad hanging off a needlefish 10 feet from the boat




Bass beer birds bait and bruiser trout. They were following back stuff to the boat like  big green shadows. We had a couple of monster followers. Jerry was on fire.

Silver surfer

With 7 in the box we could see weather coming in fast so we headed back to the ramp.


The last 100 yards to the launch ramp was lightning thunder and absolute pissing rain.

Hit the cleaning station

Beer can Scale Factor

Sunday Dinner


What a day.

2 thoughts on “New Melones Reckless

  1. Lots of balls out there today Pat.Those are nice lookin fish.We were making sausage and egg sandwiches for the folks at the Pop Warner playoffs..

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