Delta post frontal lobotomy

Brother Randy and I tractor launched from Russos at 9. Made a few stops in Franks for nada.  Outgoing tide, some cloud cover, light winds.

xlnt wx

Ran west of Broad slough and pieced together a pattern. Chrome blue rattle traps and big hammers. Lots of weeds to clean off your lure but that’s where they wanted it.

smallest of the day

Jerking them right out of the weeds in 4 feet of water

Rattle trappage



Rattle rat

mo better

R back

5 ft  of water or less was where they wanted it. Hot fish and hard strikes. Around 3 PM we headed into center of Sherman. Several large fish hooked there on the Delta Wood Bombers 8 inch white chartruese but aggressive drag settings freed them. SHerman was holding fish for sure.




A fun day

Cloud show

The bulk of the run is still west. Franks was dead on the way back.




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