I am very lucky to be a field tester for Delta Wood Bombers DWB (Thanks Carlo). I was also a field tester for Joe @ Bodega Bay lures. I spent many a day on the delta with Dan Waddell (Ghetto Booty) pitching Sporty Spooks until our arms fell off. We had a couple of MEMORABLE days with Bobby Barrack featuring outrageous topwater bites. Bobby and Booty were quite a pair together.

So Carlo is making a “froggy” wood bait that I know Booty would have thrown. I made a memorial box for Dan to send to Bobby Barrack that showcases Carlo’s excellent craftsmanship. I will mail off to Bobby today with Carlo’s business cards. Some pix for your enjoyment:

One thought on “RIP GB DWB BB FROGGY

  1. Beautiful job Pat.Bobby has to be impressed with that and Dan would have wore that thing out.Not to many people really got to know Dan.He really was a special guy.Thanks.

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