New Melones Meatrack 11-23-12

Uh, wow.

Epic day on Melons. Luz D’Alma, Randy and yours truly absolutely slayed the fish today. They were right where I wanted them. Bait was THICK and fish were slashing and slurping all day. BIG thick Rainbows gorging in plain sight on 100 yards of 3 inch shad. Easy to hook shad were sent back out under a bobber or just left on the lure. It was sick. Kept 11 released 30 easy.

Acres of these

First on

Wax on

T’s on

We beached the boat and went to work. Bait coming out of the water in sheets. Fish prowling the bank.

Released dozens of spots.

Two fisted fishing

Gold kastmaster was ON



THin man

Colors on the females

Arms getting tired

T Rodster with a trophy

Eleven went home with us


Solid bait for 8 hours

Surface tension

Tug o war

The lineup

Life is messy, clean it up

Money shot

Tomorrow we have a trout cookoff to see which recipe wins.



















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