New Melones Troll under the Bridge

I picked my son and his friend  up Saturday am and we blazed to Glory Hole in record time. Weather was overcast with light winds, temp mid 40’s, 2 days after the full moon.   I was worried about the lake being stained up from the Christmas deluge but water varied from slightly colored in Coyote to clear points west. We concentrated in creek arms and had steady action all day on small fish. Limits for all three and then stopped counting. Toplining silver/blue and rainbow kastmaster worked well. Mike ran a cop car needle fish behind a flasher tipped with a crawler 10-15 ft on the rigger and that worked too. We banked it in two different creek arms but they wanted trolled stuff today. Was glad to get the boys on some fish.IMG_2596 IMG_2598 IMG_2601 IMG_2605 P1060002 P1060003 P1060004 P1060005 P1060006 P1060008 P1060009 P1060013 P1060014 P1060016 P1060017 P1060018 P1060020 P1060022 P1060025 P1060027 P1060028 P1060030 P1060031 P1060034 P1060037 P1060042

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