New Melones 1-5-13 Tabernacle Town

Hit the Tuttletown ramp at a leisurely 9 AM. Saw a couple of NCKA brothers SonoraMIke and Daleshark Tim at the ramp. Stellarman and I ran up the creek without a paddle. Passed Reel Habit Rod and and friend at the environmentally sensitive buoy and they were already sporting near limits.  After dallying at the creek mouth we slipped back out to the bouy and commenced to whackin. I got off to a good start but Jerry was en fuego. I landed 4 and he punched 10. Flasher worm worked. Gold kastmaster worked. Rapala worked. Rainbow kastmaster worked. 13 miles pedaled today.  Great weather all day with overcast.

P1060044 P1060045 P1060046 P1060048 P1060049 P1060050 P1060051 P1060053 P1060054 P1060055 P1060057 p2 p3 patonP1060058 P1060061 P1060063 P1060065 P1060066

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