Santa Cruz Beach Bored Walk

Slept in until 11:00 AM Sunday after a 13 mile kayak trip Saturday. Road trip was in order. Debra and i headed out hwy 92 to HMB Hwy1 and points south. Stopped at Duartes in Pescadero for artichoke soup, heavenly fresh bread, Snapper and chips and crab sandwiches. Headed south on hwy 1 through Pigeon Pt, Ano Nuevo, Waddell Creek, Davenport, Santa Cruz and back home. LOVE this stretch of coast.

P1060073 P1060074 P1060076 P1060077 P1060079 P1060082 P1060084 P1060089 P1060090 P1060091 P1060092 P1060093 P1060094 P1060095 P1060097 P1060100 P1060102 P1060106 P1060108 P1060111 P1060114 P1060116 P1060118 P1060119 P1060120 P1060122 P1060123 P1060124 P1060125 P1060126 P1060127 P1060128 P1060129 P1060130 P1060131 P1060132 P1060133 P1060134 P1060135 P1060136 P1060139 P1060141 P1060143 P1060144 P1060145 P1060147 P1060148 P1060149 P1060150 P1060151 P1060152 P1060158 P1060159

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