Adventure Island Maiden Voyage II: First Blood

Been preparing my new sailing kayak trimaran since first week of January. My first outing to Berryessa a couple of weeks back did not go well so I hardly thought of that as the maiden voyage. So I got the pass to launch the new beasty at Del Valle. Light winds and good weather were predicted. I brought a couple of rods and setup went much smoother today. Here is a shot of how I launch with one Ama folded in.

P1060225The seat mod was amazingly effective.

P1060222With the new seat and getting the mirage drive pedals maxed out on the last setting  I finally felt comfortable in the cockpit. No wind so I put a couple of poles out and pedaled towards the narrows. The AI is a bit of a beast to pedal fully loaded but do-able. The fishfinder placement will not work.

P1060178I have to move my leg to see it and it gets in a way when I board.

Wind picked up to about 5 MPH. I let out the sheet and tacked back and forth just past the narrow pedalling through the turns. Rudder was a bit of work but remembered to put in the daggerboard and that helped a lot. Made steady progress up the lake against the wind which was blowing from the dam to the marina.

P1060227Practiced furling and unfurling the sail.

P1060228Water was murky and no fish action on surrounding boats. Wind picked up a bit past swallow bay and things started to get fun.

P1060229Round the corner on the last big bay east of the dam and get slammed on the shad rap by a decent size trout. Hot fish. Had to furl the sail for the battle. No net but managed to land it.

P1060230Damn! First blood on the new yak. I sailed all the way to the dam.

P1060234After a short shore break I started back to the marina.

P1060235Spent some time out on the tramps but not enough wind to justify the effort. Wind died and was quite a grind on the way back. I have to admit sailing is a lot of work but completely addictive.



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