New Melones Sailing beatdown 2-23-13

I put the sailing yak in the water at Tuttletown just behind Sonora Mike around 9. Odd to see divers in the water here. Looking for Russian Mafia guess.


Overcast, mid 40’s no wind but 15-20 predicted for the afternoon.Cloud  show was top notch.

P1060253Picked up a ditch pickle on the white shad rap.

P1060252I pedaled back to Mormon Creek hoping to see the grebes stacked up at the “environmentally sensitive area”. Several bald eagles working my holes. Caught one nice camera shy rainbow near this rock pile

P1060255Wind started kicking at noon so I sailed back out of Mormon. Tacked up the arm nicely in 5-10 MPH wind. FUN! Rounding the point to Tuttletown I got slammed by a northerly right on the nose.Sonora Mike wisely left before the blow.  15-20 MPH winds and whitecaps. I was not making much headway sailing and paddling as this rig is a freekin barge in wind. I was not comfortable enough to let the sheet out in 3 ft whitecaps so I gutted it out on the pedals staying close to shore. At one point one of the AKAS popped out of the cross bar and the wind started shoving me back into shore.

A bit of a grind getting back.  Today Ass sore, back sore, rudder hand sore. I will need to be in better shape to keep this sailing stuff up.

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