Berryessa training grounds

On the road Saturday 6:00 AM 3-16-13 to da berry


I stopped in Winters at Lorenzos market for a sixpack of Leinenkugel Shandy and a sammy. The ride up the Putah Creek canyon was spectacular with blooms everywhere.



I pulled in to Lupine at 8:30 to find Pat and Scott ready to get wet.

P1060268Took me about 20 mins to rig the beast

P1060269Underway to flat ass calm but very nice conditions

P1060270Fishing was lazy slow

P1060271Twin to my boat

P1060273Will have video up later

P1060272Wind came up around 2 and I got to do some real upwind sailing in reasonable conditions. No bothersome fish to distract me today. Sailing is very rewarding.


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