Under the Dardenelles

Made our annual trek to Spicer July13th-15. 8 of us rolled down the road to the lake Friday  noonish. Lake was stunning as usual but down a fair amount so we knew it would be a trek to carry the beer up to our island camping spot 3 miles up the lake. I Peddled/sailed there with a fair load of gear while my bro ferried three loads from the ramp to our camp in the tin can. This is luxury camping in a jaw dropping setting at 7500 ft surrounded by higher peaks.

P1060611 P1060615We found a natural harbor below our spot. P1060616 Set up the all important kitchenP1060618And prepared for the burning P1060621 Below is the view looking north from my tentP1060623 Little Brother P1060630Luz D’Alma P1060632 P1060634Room with a view P1060637 P1060643The Cook P1060645 Athena and the Cook P1060648Tribal offerings ensued P1060655 P1060660 P1060666Things got a little fuzzy P1060670 P1060672Saturday AM too beautiful for words. Time to Climb P1060680Stonedmasonry P1060682 P1060684 P1060685 Skeeter nursery and Opsrey CondosP1060687 We group climbed about 1500 feet for the long viewP1060688 P1060691 P1060692 P1060693 P1060695 P1060696 P1060697 P1060698 P1060699 P1060700 P1060701 P1060702I love scrambling the granite domes. After pulled pork sandwiches, cole slaw and bean salad I hit up the sailing for a while. Had 7-10 MPH winds that were  erratic but fun. Had Debra ride the tramps for a while and she now knows what my new obsession is about.P1060707 P1060710 P1060714 Back in the harbor for wine tasting P1060715 P1060718You can never have enough wood P1060720 P1060721 Freekin off the hook Wedding soup, spinach salad and  garlic bread off the O grillP1060722 Packed it up early Sunday. Sailed back to the launch but had to peddle a bit. P1060729Slice o heaven

Gallery here


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