Stillwater Cove

I got an invitation to join fishing legend Bev S. and Kayaking champion Sin Coast to fish Stillwater near Carmel. I don’t have a lot of ocean kayaking experience so I was amped/bugged. Up at 4:30 AM after a fitful night sleep. Stopped for coffee and notice trailer lights nonop but I am on a mission. . On the road at 5 but had to turn around 5 minutes later. Forgot my FF battery and radio. Light fog coming into Monterey and absolutely no wind. P town to Stillwater 1 hr 50 minutes Paid the tithe at 17 mile drive and wound my way through the incredible opulence of Pebble Beach down to the mighty exclusive launch at the Beach Club. Bev and Pat were mostly rigged and we were on the water at 8.

Braving the shorebreak

Braving the shorebreak

MIss Pebble Beach 2013

MIss Pebble Beach 2013

Sin Coast Our Host

Sin Coast
Our Host

Carmel Bay

Eye candy

We rounded the corner and and saw some birds and whaleage out about a mile but the guide  herded us out to 90 feet of water working the kelp edges. Lots of live around with harbor seals, leapord seals, sea otters, pelicans etc keeping me company.  I was doing ok in maybe 3 ft swells every 10 seconds but not entirely comfortable. Drift was moderate and I stayed right on the kelp edge. Huge jellyfish everywhere.The AI with one AMA and tramp was very stable if not particularly agile. I picked away at some bolinas and blacks. Pat and Bev headed out around the point. Lost a Pline jig and tied another on in white and caught a couple more small ones. Heard my compadres on the radio but they could not hear me. Around 11:00 I had had enough with full bladder and feeling very tired.

Loaded up quickly and was home by 1:00. Thank you Bev and Pat for the invite, my apologies for not hanging around and hope you guys got into them.

P1060785P1060786P1060789P1060790Stillwater is a very special place. Perfect for a beginner oceanaut.

2 thoughts on “Stillwater Cove

  1. Thanks for coming out Pat and glad you got into some fish. It was a slow pick and we were inclined to pack it in by noon. We stuck it out until 2 pm. 6 hours without a bano break is pushing the limit for me LOL!

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