Meanwhile, out west…..

Randy, Mike (Dangerous Trebles) and I put in at Russos Sunday at 7:00 AM.

Delta dawn

Delta dawn

Russos 7:00 AM

Russos 7:00 AM.

I love this time of year on the delta. Wind lays down most days, sunrises and sunsets are often spectacular, wildlife on the move, what a precious resource. Russos is a throwback  to a gentler time. A family owned and operated marina. Very cool people.

Cali Chemtrails

Cali Chemtrails


Randy calls for a bold ( and slightly cold) run way out west so we flew to a point west of Broad Slough known as the Steel. Halfway through outgoing tide, no wind to speak of. Not a great low tide spot but there was a seam of current there that kicked out a decent fish on the Big Hammer.

IMG_4494 IMG_4495 IMG_4503 My first striper of the fall season. Very hot fish.


Smug mug, blood on the rug

Smug mug, blood on the rug

Worked this area for a bit while the tide drained out but knew we had to stay with current and depth so we hit a  dozen spots between Sherman and Grizzly Bay.


We fished Lucky Craft Pointers, Big Hammers, Rattle traps, Poppers, Punkers and spooks. Theme was run and gun, f the fuel bill.



Slow going overall. Worked our way back east to Mildreds and numerous points on the San Joaquin River. Tons of hydrilla everywhere in the river. Ended up in Franks with the usual dusk pop of bait and diaper stripers on top. Bone super spook made things easy but we could not get the bigger fish to go.

North end of Franks

North end of Franks

Beautiful sunset.


South and east


North and West

Off the water at 7 for a 12 hr shift.

The runs is not here yet but I am now on the clock and should be fishing this bite regularly until Mid September.

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