Delta Head Fake 10-13-13

Fortunately I am comfortable with my manhood and can post a shitty report after a HK World Class report.

Tractor launch solo Sunday from Russos after normal crew reported monthly visitor.

$120 of fuel from the 24 hr Pump at Sugar Barge. Fishing by 7:00 AM in North Franks. Slow. Saw terns and gulls out in False River. Found active bait and schoolies for an hour before the North wind shut that down. Bite was on Big Hammers. Spent the next 6 hrs bouncing from Franks to Mildreds. Developed a nice pattern with Lucky Craft slender pointer in Ghost Ayu for large mouth to 3 lbs. Probed Mandeville and Mildreds all corners. Slow. Finished up in Franks and off the water by 3. IMHO, a couple days after the impending full moon and it will be on.


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