Delta Waning Gibbous Blues

Fully engorged by internet rumors and innuendo regarding a striped bass bite out west Dangerous Trebles and I put in at Russos a little before 7 AM.

IMG_4558Moon was taunting us.

P1060936But it always loses


2 stops in the tract at first light and we were off to points west.

No wind and a weak outgoing tide made for glass like conditions



We stopped at Eddos, South Sherman, the Maze, Broad slough and out to the Steel. Some schoolie action on sub surface but nothing on top. Met a customer out fly fishing who knows his stuff who reported slow conditions. Ran up the Sac and back into Sherman. We made an easy 25 stops today and explored some new water. Finally stuck an approx 5 lb fish in N Sherman at the openings on a Big Hammer. Mike may post up a pic of that fish but guessing his thumb was on the lens.  Tide started coming in after lunch so we turned back east. Several spots in the San Joaquin with birds and bait up tight to the bank but  the area held schoolies only. Saw a big salmon roll. Made big loops around Franks until 5 PM and gave up. Probably 15 fish between Mike and I.

Truly epic fall day despite the slow fishing. I hear Marin is PLUGGED with fish so can only hope November lights it up.

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