How we do it: New Melones Oct 22, 2013

Inspired by Reel Habit’s report Stellarman and I phoned in sick (bullshit we are self employed) and dragged the tin can to New Mel.


Water was way down, weather clear and hot.

Stopped at Glory Hole to help them recover from the Shutdown and Rimfire financial pounding they have taken. Quick plug, this is one of the best stocked bait and tackle stores around. Full stock of bass, kokanee and trout gear including downrigger clips weights etc. Rod’s report said Excel spoons in fire tiger and that peg was empty but Jerry had cornered the last two in the South Bay.  I have a hard time getting it up for some 65 ft OTW fishing in 220 feet of water. What fun. Trolling is like narcolepsy to me. I will really love it when I am 78 so for now it puts fish on the table. We headed for the super secret spot.


Jerry stuck the first on the troll in the bay near the dam.

IMG_4573Maybe 5 boats in the area. We noticed one in tight on the South wall that stayed in a very tight circle. As we got closer they landed a fish and then another. We inserted (poached) ourselves into the formation and lost a couple of nice fish 30 feet on the wire. I kept seeing bait splashing in a small cove and we slowed down to pitch into it. Boom, nice fish right on the bank

Hot bright fish. Multiple jumps. We got into a flurry casting spoons to the bank.

IMG_4575Fish were well fed, brightly colored, full tailed and barfing  small shad.

IMG_4576Jointed shad rap in white bounced off the shore and it was on

IMG_4578IMG_4579We worked on a 100 yard stretch of bank until lunchtime. Kudos to Jerry for upping the ante and presenting a hot food option.

Brats and sauerkraut on soft rolls fresh off the mini one burner.

IMG_4582IMG_4583IMG_4585Even better there were seconds.

IMG_4588A box of Bandit Wine Cab, a few stellas and Bohemias later we were back on the clock

IMG_4581IMG_4589Mid  afternoon was a bust and I did not have the inclination to troll so we blew to Carson Creek to see if there was bait there. Water so low there is no creek arm. Got back to the ramp at 3:00 (WTF). Great lookin brace of bows kept on ice all day. The only good use for an A’s rally towel.

P1060940At home they yielded thisP1060941 Check back later for pics of Trout Menieure (almodine with sage butter)

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