Delta Bird Watching 10-27-13.

Randy and I launched from Russos at 6:30

P1060952Bowed to the west and headed Straight east. Terns showed us the way.

P1060954Big hammers in the SJ worked for a couple of dozen (at least) schoolies.


Bunch of ditch pickle green turds on the rattle trap and even a couple on the Big Hammer. No pickle pics. Stellar day on the delta.

SJ traffic

P1060959Birds and bait all over today. At least 4 spots we hit we were led by terns.


Rows of stationary birds (egrets and Herons) manning the riprap. Tried a lot of new spots. Acres of wildlife and flying buckshot to be dodged


We ran to Sherman as the tide dropped but the wind machine was cranking and beat us back east. Tried Mildreds and worked both tracts but the river was money. Interesting to read striper reports from Pinole to Napa/VJO with a better grade of fish. You would think Grizzly etc will really heat up. Or not.

Off the water at 4:00

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