New Melones mas baloneys

J Meriwether Stellman and I dragged the plastic fleet Saturday despite my feeble attempts to convince hm to let me take the tincan. Up 120 in the fog.

P1070024 P1070026Continue on 108 and hang a left at Rawhide Road in Jimtown. Hwy 49 to Jerrys birthplace:

P1070028A mile later turn here

P1070029Ten dollars to the iron man and we launched around 8:30. Weather was springlike, half moon was setting, virtually no wind. I ran one ama set with tramp and left the sail at home.

P1070030 P1070031 P1070034Felt really great to be yakking. We decided to head up Mormon Creek arm hoping to find shad on top. Bait was there but hanging deep, grebes feeding everywhere back there. I ran a jointed shad rap in white on top. This bait runs about 15 feet deep. Caught two nice rainbows even though one escaped my inept net job. Jerry has pics of my fish but probably had thumb on lens since he TOTALLY SKUNKED on trout.  Very slow morning. On the plus side Chef Stellman whips up a hot shore lunch and we pop the cork on some red. Sausages, hoagie rolls mustard and sauerkraut.

P1070038 P1070040

Outstanding. We will be expanding on this theme.

We toplined all day and I think we would have done much better down 25-30 ft deep. We ran Excel spoons, flashers, naked, Thomas Bouyants, kastmasters, rapalas etc. At one point I looked for my stringer and it was gone with my lone trout. Stellarman to the rescue as it was hanging by a thread from my rudder


Afternoon was slooooow. 11 miles pedaled. 2 trout and a handful of pitifully small spotted bass. I cheated on the way back and deployed my downwind friend.


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