Sister ribs, pounding oakum, waterfront ride.

When I was in my mid twenties I bought a 1956 36 ft Hunter Cabin cruiser I ran across on the hard in Crockett. Beautiful shapely mahogany hull made in I think Suisun City. It had been gutted of all equipment but no dry rot. More than half of the ribs were cracked. I talked my roomate who was married into letting me put it in his back yard. I bought a few thousand ss screws, a hand powered yankee screwdriver and a bunch of oak. I sawed the oak into 3/16’s thk, 2 inch wide x 6 ft pcs and proceeded to glue them up and screw them in place. What a dumbass. Suffice to say that boat never floated again.

Debra and I have been doing a lot of epic bike rides in San Francisco on weekends. Riding the Embarcadero is very hectic but the sights and people watching are a real kick for us. We parked at 6th and Harrison and headed up towards Market. That stretch is comprised of a couple of interesting blocks featuring specimens of humanity both unique and repulsive. Right on Market dodging Muni buses, taxis, light rail, thugs and legions of homeless. Despite the green painted bike lanes Market street is an awesome death race with various twisted RR track fragments, potholes, bodies etc. to veer into. At 57 yrs of age and still recovering from a recent back injury you would think I had more sense.

Stopped at Coquetta the new Chiarello eatery on the waterfront. Cool space and reasonable execution of Tapas. We will go back and check a little deeper on the menu. Continued up to Pier 39 where we made the obligatory run up both sides of the pier. This ride takes hours because I ride every pier thats rideable from the Ferry Building to Ft Mason including all of the working piers.

This trip we spent some time on the Hyde St Pier. Well worth the visit poking around the ships. They were rebuilding an old SF based Monterey double ender and it reminded me of my summer of folly screwing that boat in the back yard.










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