Melon balls deep

Left Ptown at 5 to clear conditions


Launched from T Town at 7:30. The meat brigade was out in force. If you want to take a kid fishing and be sure to catch trout go off the bank here now.

P1070223Headed upriverIMG_5055 IMG_5056 IMG_5058 IMG_5059Firetiger rapala on top worked

P1070235 P1070239 P1070248

Bird life aplenty

IMG_5065 IMG_5070 IMG_5083 IMG_5091 IMG_5096

Scenery was off the charts, my neck is sore

P1070225 P1070229 P1070230 P1070231 P1070232 P1070233 P1070234 P1070237 P1070241 P1070246Count was 6 for the day, no piggies. Nice drive home

P1070249 P1070252 P1070259

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