Water Wealth Contentment Health

Been a long time since I fished McClure.

P1070317 P1070321 P1070325Launched from Barrett Cove at 7:30 and headed for the dam.

IMG_5102 IMG_5106 IMG_5107 IMG_5108 IMG_5109 IMG_5110Fishing was easy on top. Rapalas, Kastmasters, UV slingblade trolling sinker and excel spoon killed.

P1070326 P1070327 P1070328 P1070329 P1070330Cruise and Brews the theme of the day

P1070331 P1070347Spent the afternoon in the Merced arm for steady action


P1070333 P1070334 P1070335 P1070338 P1070339 P1070340 P1070341 P1070342 P1070345 P1070346At least 20 to the net and a ton of missed bites and lost fish. En fuego.

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