McClured drought farming

Dangerous Trebles and Dr. Mel Gallaty shared the tin with me today. We splashed her at Barrett Cove at 9 and headed north.P1070352 P1070362 P1070369Rainbows were on the chew up top.

P1070348 P1070349 P1070350 P1070351 P1070353 P1070354 P1070360

Weather, grub (Cuban Sandwiches) and scenery were grand

P1070357 P1070367 P1070368 P1070373 P1070379 P1070380

J7 and JR7 rapalas, excel spoons, wiggle hoochies, seps flashers Uv slingblades everything worked. 20 plus fish to the boat, many lost and missed bites and a dozen came home for dinner. Ultralight gear fun.P1070375 P1070376 P1070377 P1070381 P1070382

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