Pyramid Scheme

Debra and I left Pleasanton at noon up and over Donner pass. Not much fluffy stuff up there.


We checked into the Nougat and met up with Mr. and Mrs Dangerous Trebles for food drinks and a spot of wagering. Mike fished Friday afternoon for nada but there were reports of fish being caught so I was pumped and did not sleep well. Mike and I left Sparks Saturday AM and headed north. Clear and cold but not quite ice in the guides cold.


We met Crash at Blockhouse and commenced to flailing the water with all manner of exotic fish attracting apparatus. Robert drew first blood on the beetle.

P1070428 P1070430

I hooked up shortly thereafter  on a black wooly bugger but lost it at the net. Had a huge follower on that same black bugger. Looked to be ten plus. Slowed down to a grind.




so we left for Popcorn where it was packed with all manner of manually operated watercraft.


Saw a couple caught there and regretted not bringing yaks. Got back in the trux and headed north.

IMG_5276 IMG_5282 IMG_5303

We retired to Crosbys for lunch happily consuming their awful burgers. Arteries slowed down to one step above sludge we pointed south and tried Sandhole. Scenery was large and weather was not winter.

P1070439This lake is long enough to have a curvature of the earth effect making it seem like the north end is open water wise. This is from far south to far north end of the lake.


We threw every possible color of spoon, same with varied beetles fished carolina rigged and numerous flies.We pounded it until the sun touched the ridge with  temps dropping quickly

IMG_5319 IMG_5320 IMG_5326

Mike and I left Robert on the beach and headed back to Reno. The ladies had been hunting as well at the mall by Scheels and this is how good marriages are made. Italian food in Reno with the Schaeffers and back to the hotel for more sportsmanship. It was snowing hard coming over the pass today. Bring it on.

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