Assault on Fort Commanche

Stellman and I put the yaks in the drink 9:00 AM Saturday 3-8-14 ready to harvest piggies

P1070722WX superb. Nappy time conditions

P1070723Started off in the Narrows. Lectric green water and sloooooooooooooooow conditions

P1070724Exited the narrows for the main body. Couple of drivebys and it was time for lunch

P1070725Venison burgers, onions, tomatos and peppers  courtesy of Jerrys Kids.

Was a darkie beer day.

P1070726Muenster cheese added, smells great

P1070730 P1070732Put 11 miles on the sled.

P1070734Afternoon bite was………nonexistent

P1070736P1070744Jerry woke me up mid afternoon with a hail mary ditch pickerel

P1070745 P1070746 P1070750Commanche officially sucks.

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