Berryessa Salmon Slam 2014

Had the pleasure of attending my first NorCal Kayak organized events. Great group of people. Rained hard on Friday on my way up

P1070843Rogue groups of gypsies wandered in an out taking refuge from the storm

P1070850I found some prefish action

P1070853 P1070852Had a lot of fun sailing around

P1070857 P1070856 P1070854Camped next to the Ahulls

P1070863 P1070860 P1070864

See above for grub (Thanks Debra!). Had a good time camping with old friend Dangerous Trebles and new acquaintance ScottV

P1070865 P1070867


Day of the derby found me headed for the west wall due north. I threw everything for bass for doodly. Beat over to  to the east wall coming out of Steele Canyon. I sucked hind tit until I busted out mini crawlers under a bobber pitched 3 ft from shore. It was on like King Kong until I ran out of worms. I ran the same stretch of wall fighting the wind for an hr and a half.

P1070869 P1070870Many fruitless hrs spent trolling from the top to 50 ft deep probing for salmonids.

Had to pedal my ass off to make it back for 1:00 PM weigh in.

One huge party Sunday to wrap up the event.


Thank you FishWorks! NCKA kicks ass. You could not escape a campsite without being offered food etc. Looking forward to the next event.

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