Alpine Birthday

Debra and I rented a cabin at Lake Alpine  for my birthday. We arrived at noon and checked into a “rustic” cabin at Lake Alpine resort. We turned west again for an afternoon at my favorite Hwy 4 lake.

P1070950Bottom of the ramp was 50 ft from the water but we managed to launch Bauxite Betty with a bit of wading. Wind was up and temps were mild.

P1070955 P1070953 P1070952 P1070951Fishing was easy

IMG_5801 IMG_5798 P1070957 P1070956Scenery spectacular as always

P1070965 P1070964 P1070963 P1070962 P1070961 P1070959 P1070958 IMG_5803 IMG_5802Water levels here are hurting. Fish bit Thomas Bouyants, Panther Martins, Kast Masters, Super Dupers,J5 Rapalas. I never touched the downriggers. We made it back to Alpine for bar food at the lounge and another Giants win.

Next morning Debra cooked breakfast burritos and we packed sandwich makings. We launched into a chock full Alpine 100 yards away from our cabin.

P1070973 P1070971 P1070970 P1070969 P1070968 P10709673 laps around the lake yielded a fish per lap. I decided to put the boat back on the trailer and we headed up to Highland Lakes. We hiked up the to Tryon Meadows and tried to win the ridge behind but snow blocked the path. Debra does not like fording streams.

IMG_5822 IMG_5821 IMG_5820 IMG_5817 IMG_5815 IMG_5814 IMG_5812 IMG_5811 IMG_5809 IMG_5808 IMG_5807 IMG_5805 IMG_5804The last half mile of the road to Highland was blocked by snow but should be open in 1-2 weeks. We stopped and fished the Mokolumne on the way down to Alpine. The river was in fine shape but I suck at stream fishing.

IMG_5829 IMG_5827 IMG_5828 P1070975 IMG_5825 Dinner that night at Serafina’s Kitchen in Arnold. Well worth the drive down the mountain.
I took a couple of casts back at Alpine where hundreds of risers were slurping something on top.



That’s my idea of a birthday.

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