Sunday Streets San Francisco June 2014

With 106 degree global warming predicted for our house we bolted for the coast. We were off to ride the Sunday Streets San Francisco where they close off parts of the city to cars and let it all hang out. Next event here :

We were joined by my son, brother Randy and Thelma. We parked near Seal Stadium and rode into the park.


rtWe glided (glade?glode?) through the park and out to the great highway. Debra was rocking her Spurcycle Bike Bell which we make in our shop.

bel bel2 lildWe witnessed a somewhat sad but still sweet attempt to break the world record for skating centipede

redman snake tail

Lunch and drinks at the Beach Chalet on the Great Highway. Then it was time to pedal back uphill. Light turnout overall as far as Sunday Streets goes but the bubble lady made it. Her faithful bubble man in tow forever intoxicated by her bubble trail.

pink pinkbubFun day with the family.  I saw Sonny and Cher.

band beach hwy mill pman wallJFK drive was hosting the normal Sunday JD skate thing. Worth a half hour of your time if you like people watching.

blu duo skat


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