Delta Schoolies to be had

Randy and I launched the new rig from Sugar Barge at 2:00 PM. Loving the new boat!


Predicted clouds were a no show, 80 degree temps and reasonable wind. Tide just starting to go out. We made a couple of stops in Franks for zip and headed out the northeast end towards the SJ. Rounded the corner and saw a couple of fly guys on some small ones near the bank. I could see birds out in 35 feet of water at light 49 but did not go to check for an hour or so. Finally could not ignore them anymore and rolled over there to find a very large school of aggressive small fish chasing bait up top. Easy pickings with half a dozen fish following each hooked fish back to the boat. We landed about 20 in this spot but could not get through to the bigger fish. Lucky pointers SP128 in Ayu worked.


Two jet skiing assholes blew right through the school coming within 50 yards of us on a mile wide stretch of river WTF? and put the school down. Tempted to shoot a flare up their asses as they passed by. We headed south and east trying to find the birds again.

Could see the King fire mushroom cloud.

P1080465We poked around picking up singles here and there until dark. Wind started coming up with the approaching front.

P1080471 P1080472

Got to test the Kingfisher in some strong wind/waves and really pleased with the performance. Spot lock on the MK Ipilot  is an amazing tool! No more back aches from the foot pedal and freedom to move all about the boat.

I am looking forward to running the striper trail hard this fall.

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