Sherman yes again

Randy and I launched at Big Break at around 2:00 PM Thursday. Weather amazing mid 70’s slight breeze tide chock full and almost slack. We stopped in Sherman Lake and in Broad for zip. We then ran west to the Steel and started hooking up on Big Hammers.

P1080620Randy noticed some birds working about a half mile west of the Steel and we picked up and ran. 6 ft of water and interspersed weedlines. It was on.

P1080623 P1080625 P1080626 P1080627 P1080628No big girls but PLENTY of actions with numerous doubles. Our delta Sensei Turhan called us in back to Sherman. We found him surrounded by birds in the middle of the lake hooked up and happy.

P1080631Fast and Furious for an hr and a half. At LEAST 40 fish boated and a bunch lost. No topwater action  at all and we tried DWB’s and Super Spooks. Classic sunset.

P1080632 P1080633 P1080634 P1080638Editing the Gopro footage this evening.

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