Sunday in the Church of the Delta

Brief report

Solo Sunday out of Lauritzens at 5:30 AM LOL. Couldn’t sleep. Had to motor out to Sherman in pitch black dark at 5MPH. I got intercepted by the coast guard fully armed in the dark. They were escorting what looked like a oil tanker. No issue as I told them I was turning into Sherman Lake and had not voted for Obama.

Had Sherman Lake to myself with birds working right away at sunrise.P1080645 P1080646Long story short I was into schoolies ALL DAY on big hammers 3/8 oz heads.

P1080648 Spent the whole day chasing birds and roving packs of fish with trolling motor on jackrabbit mode. Sherman broad an the sac side working the weedlines. Weeds, current 4-6 ft of water. Plenty of little guys out there bodes well for next year.

Couple of dozen fish caught, no fattys. Fished side by side with some guys and a gal in a decked out center console white ranger bay/coastal that looked like they knew what they were doing. Nice rig Tomo!

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