SF weekend

Just closed the best month in our company’s 18 year history so we gave ourselves Friday off. Off to the ballpark to watch the parade in the rain.

P1080662 P1080665 P1080707 P1080712 P1080730 P1080731 P1080739 P1080741 P1080745 P1080752We were lucky  to see the parade near the park because when we walked across town to view from Market St it was so packed you could not see doodly. We skipped the Civic Center ceremony in favor of late lunch and margaritas at Rosa Mexicana. We moved the boat that afternoon to our new downwind slip which should make docking easier. Great view of the bay bridge from the stern.

P1080840Dim sum breakfast on Clement  started Saturday off. We drove to the Palace of the Legion of Honor, parked the truck and unloaded the bikes. The view from the VA hospital is top notch,

P1080847We rode on to the site of Sutro Mansion which is a little known but amazing view spot on the cliff above the Cliffhouse.

P1080849 P1080850 P1080851 P1080852 P1080857 P1080858 P1080859

We rode the bikes all the way down to Sloat and then back through GG park to the Balboa Safeway where I took a bus back to the truck while Debra shopped for the Sunday boat trip. Dinner Saturday night in North Beach. Shaved fennel/peccarino,mandarin orange salad to die for. Saltimbocca, Bucatini and Nebbiolo for dinner. Desert with Port. <burp>

Back to the boat for a movie.

Sunday crew Thelma, Randy and Mike showed up at 8 AM and we headed out the gate to decent conditions.

P1080860 P1080861We dropped 3 pots in 60 feet at Bonita then departed  for Rocky Point. Some interesting swells at Bonita felled one crew early. Mike got 5 rods out for salmon and we quickly got a driveby he felt was a slug but this fish got off. Saw the Pacific Ryder (sweet ass Parker) getting ready to trolll. We trolled for maybe 2 hrs before I had enough. Back at the pots we boxed 4 and threw back  a bunch of shorts.

We threw the pots back out further east and messed around for an hr. When we pulled again the yield was better. I think we got around 12 dungies for our trouble. We had hot lunch on anchor at Chrissy Field featuring sloppy joes and 3 bean salad. Close to $800 worth of diesel at City Yacht and back at the dock by 2:00 PM. Life is good.

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