crabbinit 11-8-14

Debra and I left Pleasanton Friday night for the floating home.


P1080887Saturday morning began with a safety meeting at the Java Hut. Thelma, Randy, my son Patrick and Dangerous Gargoyles met us at 8 AM and we steamed out the gate.

We dropped 5 pots just west of the Bar in 65 ft of water and headed up to DR1 for last ditch salmon attempt.


Stellman advised flouro leader, 40 pulls 2.5 lb ball and straight bait. So we put out all mono, 35 pulls, 2# balls and rotators.   Randy picked up a stray early.

P1080902We  P1080905 P1080908WE checked the pots just after lunch but no an impressive result so we pulled them and moved them up off Rocky Point in 72 ft. We resumed salmon trolling for zip until 3 ish when we pulled the pots again. Much better results. 34 nice size crab for the group.

P1080918 P1080925 P1080926 P1080930 P1080931Happy times back at South Beach

P1080935Been cookin and cleaning crustys for the past couple hours

P1080936 P1080937 P1080938 P1080939 P1080942 P1080943 P1080944 P1080945 P1080948 P1080949 P1080950

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