Long day on the Dirty D

Got a hall pass for Sunday (unbelievably) after crabbing all day Saturday. I  got out of the house at 7:00 AM headed for Sugar Barge. Day started like this


I was testing my new swimbait combo I saw on a BObby Barrack video. Blade Runner 3/8 OZ weedless jig heads coupled with Basstrix 5″ pearl white paddletails. If you get this rigged true/straight it has a killer look in the water with a real sinuous kick to the tail. I was able to throw it through all sorts of goop with little crud to clean off.  I hate digging multiple sets of trebles out of schoolies so really like how easy it is to release fish. There is a little wireform on the back of these heads you can bury in the plastic bait to keep your pants from being pulled down.

I ran from the SJ where Potato Slough comes in all the way to Browns Island and back during the day. I pounded all kinds of shoals in the SJ,  weeds in Sherman, Broad, cuts in Franks, flats inBig Break, running HPS and new water. Spectacular November day. Decent tidal movement going out in the morning. 75 degrees, cloudless and light winds. Hyacinth was certainly a problem on the east side. Lots of boat traffic out enjoying global warming.

Fish were scattered, numbers low and no double digit size for me yet again. I am SO due for a massive blowup. I worked a DWB custom and a bone super spook at times but really worked the swimbait mostly.

Ended up hitting every spot in North Franks as the sun was setting but would sum up the day as slow. Day finished like this.

P1080952 P1080953

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