She needed her bottom attended to

Put the mighty Peridot on the hard at Grand Marina boat yard today for bottom paint. I went with the new environmentally friendly bottom paint 18 months ago. Bad choice as our diver refused to scrape her anymore until she was freshly painted. So screw the environment I am going with 2 coats of the nasty copper based old time environment destroying paint which purportedly will go 3 years before needing refreshing. Also having them mount and wire my new Ace Brutus 40 crab pot puller. Somewhat gut wrenching seeing the boat come out of the water on the sling.

P1080991 P1080992 P1080994 P1080996 P1080998 P1080999 P1090001 P1090003 P1090005 P1090006 P1090007 P1090008 P1090011 P1090013 P1090014 P1090015


2 thoughts on “She needed her bottom attended to

  1. Thanks…

    Cool post.

    She looks really clean! My boat’s underside is worse… I use toilet bowl cleaner and a car buffer with an abrasive pad.

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