Delta Leftovers 11-28-14

I launched solo from Lauritzens Friday morning with a cooler full of turkey/ham sammies thanks to my lovely wife. I saw Long in the parking lot waiting for Kapn Bob to show up. I figured I was on the side of righteousness if Bobby Barrack was launching there too.


Started out in Sherman.


Decent conditions, almost high tide 5 MPH wind and water a little stained from recent rains. Fish were there but certainly not aggressive. Basstrix paddletails on 3/8 Blade Runner weedless heads worked.

IMG_9750I played tag with BB all day pleased to see he was running my water.

IMG_9751I fished Sherman, the Sac, Broad Slough, the Steel, Eddos, Big Break, the shoals and finished up at the island just east of Lauritzens. 10 fish to hand 3 were keepers, no sluggos.

IMG_9753 IMG_9754 IMG_9755 IMG_9757Off to Berryessa today for a change.

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