Pyramid Weekend Cloudshow

Delerium Tremens and I left the easy bay at 1:30 Friday headed over the hill to visit the Stone Mother. I was disappointed to see the lack of snow above Donner.


We rolled into Reno, checked in to the Eldo and hit the casinos for awhile. Bastards took my money.  Steak dinner at the fancy place at Silver Legacy eased the losses somewhat. Back in the room at a reasonable hour for the snoring contest.

Up at 5 and on our way to the lake and down to Blockhouse. Cloudshow ensued.

IMG_9848 IMG_9849 IMG_9852We threw beetles, spoons, flatfish, rocks etc at the fish but Blockhouse was dead. We packed up at noon and headed north to see if Crash was doing any better.

IMG_9857 IMG_9858 IMG_9863We found Robert at some nothing beach north of Monument. About as far up as you can go. Conditions were great and hardly anyone there.

Robert hooked up before Mike could tie on a fly.

P1090066 P1090069 P1090070Robert again on the fly

IMG_9890 IMG_9893 IMG_9896I was fishing a Black wooly bugger on spinning gear 8 ft under a pink christmas ornament bubble. I got hit on the lift by a follower.

P1090077 P1090078We were strafed several times.

P1090080 P1090084We fished till dark but sure was slow. Back in Reno for beers and fireball shots in our hotel room,


Tanqueray and tonics in the casino and some gaming. Dinner was at Pho 777. Takes the chill out of the bones after being in waders all day.

Back at it Sunday at Sunrise. We decided to hit Monument again.IMG_9916 IMG_9921 IMG_9922 IMG_9930Crowded and slow so we left for one final stop at Blockhouse. Crowded there as well with riff raff and roustabouts. I pitched a white foam beetle and 3rd cast I was on with a Pilot Peak fish. Great fight up and down the beach.

P1090112 P1090128Look at the above pic again and see where the fly was! Amazing I beached this fish.

P1090130 P1090133 P1090138She swam away with a tail slap

P1090139 P1090140Thanks for driving Mike!

One of the most enduring urban myths in the Reno area involves Pyramid Lake, located just a few miles north of town on the Paiute Indian Reservation. Call it a myth at your discretion – nearly every spring an unlucky fisherman, angling for a record-sized cutthroat trout, disappears. Their bodies are seldom recovered. Some attribute their disappearance to the 350-foot depth of the lake, while others claim, “It’s the Water Babies.”

Just who, or what, are the Water Babies? Since no one has lived to tell the tale, it all depends on who you ask. It is an established fact that before the white man arrived at Pyramid Lake members of the Paiute tribe threw ill-formed or premature babies into the water. The tribe members felt that this was a necessary task to keep the tribe strong in the harsh desert environment.

According to one version of this Reno urban legend, the angry spirits of the unfortunate infants took hold of the lake over the centuries. Now, nearly every spring, these tormented spirits take their revenge on lake dwellers.

One thought on “Pyramid Weekend Cloudshow

  1. Great pictures; thanks for sharing Robert’s Poppa would be so proud to know that he is an avid fisherman like he. Annette i.e. Robert’s mom

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