First Melones trip of the season

I took the day off Thursday and headed up to my home lake, New Melones.

IMG_0055Glory Hole ramp is doable with 2WD but no dock which makes launching somewhat of a PITA. Ramp is way down on the point.

IMG_0056I ran to Carson Creek but was unable to get to the inlet due to trees. I motored over to the dam to troll with Schatgun for a while. Nice rig!

IMG_0058 IMG_0071

Jon messaged that he had caught a couple on rapalas so I switched both rods to J5 firetigers up top. Weather was nice.



Interesting new structure arose from the depths near the dam.

IMG_0068 IMG_0069One hit and miss at the dam so I picked and went to Mormon Creek arm.

IMG_0066Got one Brazilian Blurry trout.

IMG_0065Next stop the rockwall outside and east of Carson. Lots of meter marks, bait and birds but nothing. So  off I went under the the 9er bridge


I next traveled to Coyote Creek where I got 2 in quick succession.


That made me thirsty


Finished up in Carson Creek arm with a steady bight at twilight.


All small fish today. Boated 6 lost a few. Water surprisingly clear considering all the precip recently. Will hit NM again at least once over the holidays.

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