New Melones End of Year stickn it


Randy and I put in at 8:30 AM and ran east of the 9er bridge


where it was on.

P1090154We had 4 fish in 15 minutes of putting in trolling on top. Up further in the creek arm the trees close in too tight for trolling sowe started casting and drifting. Thomas Bouyant in Firetiger was ON. Cast into the trees and let it sink. Very slow retrieve and let it sink. I took a nice holdover fish 20 yards from the creek mouth in 10 feet of water.

P1090155Pretty Fish! She was full of eggs and 3 inch shad.

cropRandy got on it

IMG_0155 IMG_0160Had fishing lessons from an osprey


Other that a side trip south to Bald Eagle cove we stayed in this arm all day for 25 plus fish.


P1090157 P1090158 P1090159


Busted out the stove for some home made chicken noodle soup. Was it good?

P1090160Busy afternoon

P1090161 P1090162 P1090163Is this a koke? P1090164Got cold really fast after sunset.


Nice day on the water. Levels coming up fast. Tommy B spoons killed. A few on Firetiger rapalas.

Kept 9 for the table.


Back next weekend.

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