New Melones 2015 Debut with Lunar reduction

Took my son Pat and his bro Mike G to Melones after regaling them over the holidays with fish stories of 20-30 fish days so of course it was slow.

IMG_0168A bit cold in the morning but overall a fantastic day on the water.


Bite was off but we caught a few. I was teaching Pat the proper way to hold fish for pics but he is a slow learner.

IMG_0169 IMG_0170Since the creek arms were quiet we took a run up the Stanislaus arm east of Parrots Ferry Bridge. An old stamp mill is out of the water.

IMG_0179The canyon was glowing in the winter sun.


Trolling there was pretty steady but rookie crew dropped fish after fish. Finally Mike gets on the board.

IMG_0181Hot lunch of homemade beef noodle stew provided a welcome break


For you serious fisher types, I would concentrate east of the PF bridge right now. There are a lot of trout stacked up there.

We saw a Subie on the rocks about to pass back to an underwater state

IMG_0182“I said LEFT at the bridge!”

IMG_0183We tried Carson creek arm on the way back but nothing there. Still we  fished till sunset.

IMG_0184Ultimately I will blame the almost full moon.

IMG_0192 IMG_0194We took home 3 and farmed a dozen easy.

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