Don Pedro de la Muerta

It has been 10 years since I have fished Pedro.


Plenty of water in DP. We started in Big Creek arm. FT Rapala as usual gets hit

IMG_0412 IMG_0413We spent an hour there but it was very quiet. I motored us upriver to Cut Foot Cove.


Ask my nephew Jared about Cut Foot Cove.

We continued east to the bridge. I hit several spotted bass on a silver rapala 30 feet on the down rigger but the toplines remained quiet.

IMG_0418Debra hooked us up with hot sloppy joes.


Time to head up the Tuolumne arm and Moccasin Point.


They have placed a prophylactic device preventing penetration of the river arm

IMG_0423Slow day overall but glad to be out on the water with my BFF!


One thought on “Don Pedro de la Muerta

  1. Good try and nice day. I keep wanting to hit that lake. Just seems like it should be good for trout this time of year. But then again no normal winters for awhile are taking a toll.

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