New Melones February 16, 2015

My son joined me for Presidents Day trout fishing. We launched off the dirt at Glory Hole rather than wait behind the 6 guys lined up at the concrete ramp. 70 degrees, light wind no clouds to hide behind. Lake was up 25 feet from when I last went.  I motored directly to Coyote to find stained water.

IMG_0736Lots of prop killers floating about. We hit 2 average size fish at the creek mouth drifting and casting Thomas Bouyant spoons in the trees. Slow going back there so we headed for clearer water. Firetiger Rapalas on the downrigger 25 ft down brought a couple of fish east of the 9er bridge. We also got hit on Cop Car Needlefish with flasher and 2 oz diving weight. We feasted on homemade Split Pea soup with ham and smoked turkey cooked on board. Thanks Debra! Weather got hot and a few over-priced IPA’s were sacrificed. Thank god for the Bimini top.


We ran one rod on top all day and that was not touched despite changing baits several times. Meter showing lots of arches 40-60 ft down. Caught a nice bright multiple jumper at the dam.

IMG_0738There was a floatplane doing touch and go-s repeatedly. Fun to watch.

IMG_07498 fish for the day with 3 rods out. All released today. Off the water at 4:00.

Good to be out with my son!

One thought on “New Melones February 16, 2015

  1. Good time. We did a bit better on the Thur before but not much. So bummed I couldn’t find the big holdovers again. Seems if the winter season sucks then the fish don’t play. The big ones anyway.

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