One Lane Into Pyramid

Debra and I scrambled over Donner Pass Friday afternoon just as the storm was sputtering to life. We checked into the Silver Legacy after a stop at Cabelas. We met the Schaffers on the casino floor for some wagery. Dinner at Pearls Oyster Bar inside the Legacy (so so) and back to gaming. Debra did well on the slots as usual. Late to bed and 4:30 AM came too early.


Mike and I motored out Pyramid highway in steady snow. At one point the whole sky lit up green with snow lightning. It got more and more sketchy as we climbed up the ridge slipping and sliding in the pitch dark but we pressed on to Blockhouse.


I debated whether to park up top but figured the snow plow would bury the car so we slid on down to the beach fully expecting to be found there frozen to death several days later. 10 MPH winds, snowing full on, 34 degrees at lake level. PERFECT for fishing Booty style.


We threw hardware from 6-9:30 for one small fish.


Snowed hard the entire time. 4 other trucks there but we saw nothing caught. I had 2 BIG followers practically beach themselves chasing a green/white little cleo but they would veer off at the last minute. We made the call to head north.

The Nets were packed with ladder nuts surfing the rollers.

IMG_0848 IMG_0849We left the ladders and waders behind so we headed past Crosbys

IMG_0854Snow let up but it still rained on and off. The views were grand.

IMG_0857Just before Pelican I spied off in the distance a fish being netted so we wheeled down to the rocks just south of the ramp.

IMG_0865 IMG_0868

It was on. We saw 40 plus (no shit, ask Mike!) fish caught in a 4 hr period up to 20+ lbs. Copper john and small green fly off a dropper loop under an indicator was HOT. I ran an F5 frog flatfish carolina rigged about 2.5 feet below a chain swivel 1/2 oz weight. Water was about 20 feet deep and I was crawling this over the bottom. This worked! Fish juggling ensued

P1090231 P1090232

P1090224 P1090221 P1090228 P1090229 P1090234 P1090237HARD fighting fish in spawning colors. Mike switched to a flatfish and got on board.

P1090253 P1090254A guy next to us whacked at least 15 fish including this 20 lber!

P1090247The drive back to Reno was awe inspiring with the desert covered in freshies.

IMG_0901 IMG_0893 IMG_0873 IMG_0870All lights were green coming through Sparks. We celebrated that night at Ichiban in Harrahs. Not bad.Casinos Saturday night were PACKED and money was flowing. Had a few beverages…………


I woke up Sunday morning a bit groggy and pointed us up and over the pass it was great to see snow down to 4500 feet.

IMG_0932I feel lucky to have hit a hot Pyramid bite.  I may go back next weekend.




One thought on “One Lane Into Pyramid

  1. Damn that was cool. I couldn’t believe all the ladders. Then to have a day like that? Crazy. I’ve been skunked there to many days.

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