Mokin it happen

Last minute hitchiker post was ignored so I blew out of the Barge solo Wednesday. Overcast skies and light rain coupled with previous reports had me droolin for schoolin. I messed around a bit in the SJ before heading up the Mokolumne. At the turn I saw a bit of bait being pushed outside sparse tulies in the middle so started working the DWB proto. Quick action ensued. This fish dug under the boat and kept crashing into the keel trying to dislodge his new-found jewelery.

IMG_1011Hot fish, great fight.

IMG_1012Next cast whammo, nice greenie!

IMG_1014My guess? 8 lbs?

IMG_1015Largemouth were very active on top but I only managed a half dozen stripers.


The Moke is new water to me  so I am still trying to figure the spots out.

IMG_1016As I was working my way back to Franks near sunset I got a text from Bernard who had blown his motor way up north. I found them and towed them about a mile from B&W where they went all hardcore and asked to be detached from the tow so they could finish out the night on their trolling motor.


IMG_1018It was an interesting run back to Sugar Barge in the dark!

One thought on “Mokin it happen

  1. Great job on all counts. Way to help out but wouldn’t expect anything else from the OCA peeps. Oh, your hitchhike post wasn’t ignored by me. I just couldn’t quite commit to making it there by the time you needed. Otherwise I would of been ON!!! haha

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