Delta Greenery

Murderous Trebles and I launched little red from Sugar Barge Saturday with high hopes and high clouds.


3 of 3 early DWB “The Pickle”


We navigated up the North Fork of the Moke hucking wood and other TW implements. Stripers were shy but the pickles wanted to play.

P1090260 P1090262Swimbaits on the troll during lunch attracted some attention.

P1090257 P1090258

Traffic was heavy


We fished North and South Moke, SJ shoals, false river, Washington Cut, Mandeville, MIldreds, and finally Franks at Sunset.



One thought on “Delta Greenery

  1. Good report and you covered some water. Seems like the TW should of been better but when I think it looks good I get skunked. 🙂

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