Oroville Arthritis

Randy and I left Ptown 6 AM Thursday and we were launching from Bidwell 3 hrs later. We headed up to some walls on the middle fork. It was on.

7 ft spinning rods, 6-8 lb test mono, spring/clip on balsa bobbers above a barrel swivel. 4-6 feet of 6 lb floro leader attached to a crappie jig head.

jigheadBait of choice was 3 inch Zoom flukes in smoky shad. Looks exactly like what many fish barfed up on the deck.

015-109-fluke-smokin-shadLots of creeks and springs gushing from recent rains. The middle fork has endless miles of rock walls like this

IMG_1038 IMG_1068 IMG_1105 IMG_1106We drifted the walls  with the wind correcting as needed with the trolling motor. We pitched literally right up to the wall. You cannot get the bait too close.

IMG_1115 copyWe KILLED.  2 guys, 3 days, no shit 300 plus fish to hand and many more than that lost due to too much slack when the bobber goes down. We fished 3 days in a row 8-10 hrs a day.

IMG_1047 IMG_1072 IMG_1074 IMG_1111 IMG_1112 IMG_1117 IMG_1118 IMG_1119SO much fun. We had a few smallmouth mixed in but no kokes or trout going on the jig this year. Some action on carolina rigged morning dawn robo worms and spinnerbaits but when the bobber bite is on, I can’t resist and become a kid again for a few hours. Wildife was plentiful as usual with deer, otters, quackers, bald eagles, and Osprey competing for our attention.

IMG_1060 IMG_1101Lake looked in great shape despite rabid protestations of imminent doom.

IMG_1051 IMG_1069 IMG_1075 IMG_1086 IMG_1089 IMG_1094Today I am sore head to toe but sitting here wishing I could go back next weekend. Talked to many at the ramp who described a tough bite. Yea, because they bounce a senko off the wall hop it once and then find themselves in 40 feet of water.  I try not to mention back at the ramp  that a 100 fish day is average for us there because no one would believe it.

2 thoughts on “Oroville Arthritis

  1. Fun for sure. Cool stuff. Sometimes when I stream fish for trout I will lie and say WAY less numbers than actually caught. Like you said, they won’t believe it. Good job!

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