Live Bait Debut

Saturday April 18th.

Henny, Mike, and Zoey met us at Pier 40 at 7:30 and we pushed off for Meatball Bait.


Half scoop of decent size anchovies and we were off. Baitman was pitching TI and we bought it. Lots of party and private boats in the area.

5 rods in the water for four stripers.


Plenty of nets out. Fast drift and getting friskier so we steamed over to Paradise for the usual 10 drifts=zip. Sandwiches courtesy of Henny were the bomb.

We looked up past the San Rafael bridge, metered Red Rock and Richmond harbor entrance. At this point I pointed us west stopping at Racoon and Angel. Circled back to TI where a number of the party boats were still picking awayon stripers in semi jackass waves. Finished up at the Rockwall. I was going to take a peek at the Stick but decided to head back to South Beach.
Damage? 4 stripers, no ifs ands or butts.
I wanted to poke my nose out the gate but there will be plenty of time for that.

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