Monterey Gran Prix

Debra and I scored free camping passes at Laguna Seca for the Tudor Championship. Thank you John V!


Room with a view of Monterey Bay

This was about 3 days of burning calories, candles at both ends, brakes, petrol, tires, campfires etc.   No cooking this time in camp which meant drinks and dinner in Monterey 2 nights in a row which Debra was happy about. Over the weekend we walked all around the track enjoying the different vantage points.  Some shots for your viewing pleasure.


I got this front axle half price….

IMG_1234 IMG_1236 IMG_1237 IMG_1238 IMG_1240 IMG_1241 IMG_1243 IMG_1246 IMG_1250Love this race track. On a 3 day weekend I will just hang for hours in the paddock people watching while consuming a series of adult beverages.


Track Professional


Insect face


Odd, tripod

IMG_1275 - Copy

A face only a mother could love


This 911 GT did a pretty good job keeping up with the 650 HP Camaros and Mustangs


The corkscrew has some amazing angles



IMG_1265 IMG_1267 IMG_1268 IMG_1279 IMG_1280 IMG_1281 IMG_1283 IMG_1285 IMG_1290 IMG_1305 IMG_1308 IMG_1315IMG_1335IMG_1336IMG_1337IMG_1338IMG_1339IMG_1340IMG_1341IMG_1343

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